What a bummer…

Well, I ended up being placed in the lowest level of Chinese because of a low score on the placement test. I definitely saw it coming since I had almost no idea what any of the questions asked on the exam, but looking through the books and seeing the basic pronunciation charts is quite disheartening. It’s almost as if it’s invalidating the semesters I took at Akron. However, if the Chinese think that’s where I need to be then that’s where I need to be–they would know best, after all. And there really is a huge difference in studying Chinese here than in the states. Ah well. 加油!

We have to pile into a bus at 7 AM tomorrow morning to get our medical examination. I’m not really looking forward to it, except that we’ll be going back into Zhengzhou. Devin tells me there’s a Starbucks there, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, it’ll be close to wherever we’re having the examination and I can sneak off and get some coffee. I can dream right? Drink lots of delicious coffee for me everyone =)



2 responses

  1. Hmmm, sorry to say I stopped at Starbuck’s on Friday (your old store) and had an Anniversary blend and then we stopped on Saturday and I grabbed a cappuccino. We can ship you some Via’s. Just say the word.

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