ReLAXing in LAX

Sorry guys, I really just couldn’t resist the terrible pun. Dannysha, Amber and I successfully made it out of Cleveland and into LA. The flight was overall pretty good–no screaming children, we didn’t fly into the side of a mountain, eveyone seemed pretty polite–and so far in LAX we’ve had the opposite experience. Well, security here is obnoxious–the TSA worker was suspicious because we checked in 6 hours before our flight. But, he let us through, we rehydrated and got some food and our spirits are restored! We have a lot of time to kill before we leave for Beijing though. The next time I update this we should be in China! Wish us luck in Beijing and Zhengzhou!


6 responses

  1. Well things are really going well despite the obnoxious Security glad i aint that obnoxious have a safe trip to china and God Speed to you all

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